Got questions about life? Want marriage or parenting tips?

Alpha & C.E Courses

Alpha & Christianity Explored help us ask questions about life that we all think but rarely talk about. We eat together, then watch a dvd and discuss faith, life and meaning. We run courses throughout the year and start with Alpha, then follow on with C.E, and also use Discipleship Explored.

Marriage Course

We run a pre marriage course to help couples prepare for married life, rather than just for the big day. We also run a marriage course for couples who simply want a better marriage. We have run these courses in the summer, but can run them on interest.

Parenting Course

This isn’t a course for bad parents, or to make you feel like you’re not doing a good job. It’s simply a time to share and listen with others on the joys and frustrations of parenting so you can support one another in bringing up your kids. Again this course can run on demand.


Check calendar as we run courses throughout the year but can also do them on request. Get in touch for more info.